Once your child can confidently complete addition number sentences using single digit numbers they are ready to move on to Addition 2.  This workbook contains 80 units of 2o questions.  Each unit provides practice in adding a sngle digit number to a two-digit number between 11 and 20.  Your child can use counters, a number line or their fingers to count on from the larger number to calculate the answers.

Daily practise will help your child:

  • to hold numbers in their short term memory
  • to learn the skill of counting on from numbers greater than 10

Summary of Contents

  • Addition practise – adding numbers 11 to 20 to a single digit number
  • 80 units of 20 questions per page
  • Answers to each unit
  • Suitable for 4 to 10 year olds

Addition 2 Workbook = $12.00 AUD



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