What is Fluency and why is it so important ?

Fluency is a fundamental standard in successful learning.  A professional golfer said he practised by hitting 4000 balls a day. Like a successful sports person, successful students will read and comprehend questions quickly and correctly and calculate answers quickly and accurately. The struggling students fail to understand problems and perform basic maths with hesitation even using their fingers to calculate. When your child lacks fluency in basic skills, performance requiring these skills will be slow, difficult and full of errors.

How Can you help child to achieve a fluent level  ?

Practice is the most important key.  Focused repetitive practice of important basic skills is absolutely necessary for a achieving this great goal.

What can you expect for your child from 10 Minutes Maths Practice Workbooks ?

  • Your child will…
  • understand concepts of the four arithmetic functions
  • will master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • build strong Foundation, Accuracy, Speed & Technique from repeated practice
  • achieve fluent level in performing high skill maths
  • improve cognitive abilities (necessary mental skills for success in life) from regular exercise

How much of time will it take ?

10Minutes Maths Practice workbooks are designed so that children can work through the worksheets with minimal help from parents.  They can do the exercises before breakfast, after school or whilst in the car, it only takes 10 minutes or less.

 I’m not good with maths ?

You don’t need to be good at maths. 10 Minutes Maths Practice workbooks cover the basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, the skills most adults use every day and all the answers for the worksheets canbe located at the back of the workbook.

Why do children need these skills when they can just use a calculator ?

Calculators are great, but children still need good basic skills to check their answers and for some high school maths tests where calculators are not permitted.

So do you still really think they don’t have to know how to do calculation ?

Why Should my child use 10 Minutes Maths Practice when he is getting good results using a computer based maths program ?

10 Minutes Maths Practice worksheets require children to calculate the answers to problems for themselves using pen and paper.  They not only learn the answers to everyday sums, they practice calculating the answers.  Showing how they worked out a mathematical problem is an important habit to learn for success in maths tests.  Used in conjunction with 10 Minutes Maths Practice, computer based programs are a great way to motivate your child to practice maths.

When can I expect to see results ?

Practicing with the 10 Minute Maths Program workbooks for as little as 5-10 minutes per day will help your child develop good basic maths skills that they will need for success in other subjects across the school cirriculum.

What if my child thinks the workbooks look boring ?

when parents compare workbooks to computer based programs they often think their children will find them boring. However, when we tested the worksheets on children and timed them to encourage speedier calculations they found the challenge” exciting.

What if my child hates maths ?

Often when children do not enjoy maths it is because they find it difficult. 10 Minutes MathsPractice helps children to learn how to calculate maths problems fast and accurately, this success boosts their confidence and they begin to enjoy the subject.

I don’t have much money ?

Almost everything is expensive these days.  You’re not going to be happy after you have spent a lot of money only to see the books sitting unused on the shelf – believe me, I’ve been there! 10Minutes Maths Practice workbooks will be used and they are.  Workbooks can be purchased for as little as $12.00 each (plus a small postage fee).  You can simply start with one book and then purchase additional books as your child progresses through the series – It is really simple!

Achievement Award 

In recognition for all your child’s hard work in completing each 10 Minutes Maths Practiceworkbook, we will include an “Achievement Award” request form.  As the parent, you simply complete the details on the form and either email or post to the address provided and we’ll be delighted to post a personalised Achievement Award to your child – there are 9 to collect.

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