About Us

My name is Rose, Director and Founder of 10 Minutes Maths Practice and a mum of three. When my first child was in his final years at primary school I realised that he and his peers were still struggling with basic maths skills – their times tables and simple mental arithmetic. Once at high school they would need to use these basic maths skills to solve more advanced maths problems.

Although I was working and had a family to manage I knew that something had to be done if I didn’t want my son to fall behind or end up thinking he was not good at maths. That’s when I began creating basic maths worksheets that my son could complete just before leaving for school, in the car or whenever we had 10 minutes or so to spare.

Over a relatively short period of time my son’s basic maths skills improved. I continued to use the worksheets with my two younger children with similar results. Then in 2009 in response to requests from other parents for my worksheets I developed the 10 Minutes Maths Practice program.